LETTER: Cannabis production bylaw needed

The recent article on a new commercial cannabis facility (PEC Growers produce first batch of recreational cannabis, The Picton Gazette, April 8, 2021) highlighted the potential positive impact on the local economy but neglected to note the noise, light and odour issues for nearby residents.

Since beginning operations in February the facility emits a loud engine-like humming noise at all hours. At night, it interferes with sleep for adjacent residents and during the day prevents outside enjoyment of property.

The security lighting is extremely bright, requiring double curtains in bedrooms. Neighbours have mentioned needing to sleep with eye masks due to the light. More recently, cannabis fumes are sometimes emitted. Commercial cannabis production is a new industry for the County and its economic benefits are welcomed.

However, a new zoning bylaw is needed that requires containment of noise, light and odour so that nearby residents are not negatively affected.

This type of industry is not compatible with residential zoning. Existing and future facilities must be regulated by the municipality so that they’re not at odds with surrounding land use.

John Chenery