Remembering seven words with Prince Philip

In July, 1959 I was a young geologist, new to Canada and drawn to Yellowknife by the lure of gold.

A Royal visit was announced; the Queen was indisposed and stayed behind. Prince Philip “carried on” alone.

That day I was ambivalent about attending, but there was little else on so I decided to go take a “look-see.”  I had seen Her Majesty’s Coronation pageant in London some six years previous. At the airport, the crowd was large as expected a standout among the assembled was a large number of aboriginal leaders.

They looked fabulous-crisp and attentive with the navy trousers accented by yellow band, worn traditionally in the presence of RCMP officers. I am tall and my best view of the Royal party was over the heads of this distinguished group, so I decided to stay. I am so glad I did. As the entourage passed HRH Prince Philip caught my eye and almost shouted at me “Do you like it here”. I yelled back “Sir, I love it!”. The question came back-“Why?” I yelled “It’s beautiful, it’s huge and it has boundless opportunity.”

At this point, they had passed me, but Prince Philip stopped, turned and yelled back “Good!”All he had time for. The effect of that one word has occurred on and off all my life.I am now 88- that one word has popped up in the Arctic and in Antarctica- Over 100 countries around the globe.

I am so glad that I got such simple lasting guidance from such a man as the Prince. On the voyage he has just embarked upon, I wish him good, in return.

Peter Holley-Hime