Potential Low-Risk COVID-19 Exposure at Picton Tim Hortons

The main office of Hastings-Prince Edward Public Health in Belleville, ON. (Google Images/Dave Dodgson/HPEPU staff)




Dr. Piotr Oglaza, Medical Officer of Health and CEO at Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH) is advising customers who visited Tim Hortons in Picton on May 3, 4, 8 or 9, (including drive through customers) that they may have had a low risk exposure to COVID-19. Anyone who visited the restaurant on these dates must self-monitor and if symptoms of COVID-19 develop, seek testing, even if symptoms are very mild. 

An individual who was at the restaurant during these dates has tested positive for COVID-19. While HPEPH does not typically disclose the location of COVID-19 cases in order to protect individuals’ privacy, this information is disclosed when needed in order to meet public health objectives such as prompt notification of potential contacts and reducing the risk of further transmission. Tim Hortons in Picton has also closed temporarily to ensure any impacted areas are sanitized.

HPEPH is in the process of identifying and contacting all high-risk contacts related to this case. All high-risk contacts will be instructed by HPEPH to self-isolate immediately and to get tested. High-risk contacts are required to remain in isolation for a minimum of 14 days after their exposure, regardless of test results.

While low-risk contacts are instructed to monitor for symptoms, they are not required to isolate unless symptoms develop or they are otherwise instructed to do so by HPEPH. Any individuals who develop symptoms must isolate from others immediately, book an appointment at an assessment centre and get tested. It is understood that individuals will need to leave isolation to seek testing.

“While the risk to customers is relatively low, promptly identifying cases of COVID-19 is critical to slow the spread in our area” says Dr. Oglaza. “To avoid spreading illness to others, all individuals who visited Tim Hortons Picton on these dates must monitor for symptoms and seek testing if symptoms develop – even if symptoms are very mild.”

Information about where you can get tested can be found at https://hpepublichealth.ca/getting-tested-for-covid-19/.

To learn more about COVID-19, how you can protect yourself and what to do if you suspect you may be at risk, visit https://hpepublichealth.ca or visit Ontario’s website to learn more about how to protect yourself and stop the spread COVID-19 https://covid-19.ontario.ca/

All residents are also reminded that no one is immune to the virus and some individuals may be exposed despite their best efforts. Be kind to one another as we work together to stop the spread of this virus.

Impacted individuals are encouraged to review the attached letter here for more information https://hpepublichealth.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/LR-Letter_Public-Notification-Picton-Tim-Hortons-2021.05.21.p