Community Care connects seniors

Last year, due to the pandemic, Community Care established a grocery delivery program for seniors who need such support.

This makes it possible for seniors to stay safe at home and reduce their contact with other people.  It’s been going well and we’ve worked out the kinks during the last many months.  It’s a new program for our agency and all is working smoothly.

We realized early on that it wasn’t just help with getting groceries that was an issue for seniors.  It’s the online ordering that is way outside some people’s experience, even if they have a computer.  Then there’s the challenge of ordering online when a person doesn’t have a computer or internet.  This pandemic has meant challenge piled upon challenge.  Well, we can help you dig out from under that. There are lots of stores that can’t or won’t take an order by telephone.  What to do if your favourite store – or the only store that has what you need – doesn’t take phone orders?  Call Community Care and we’ll help you find a solution.

If the store takes email we can send the email for you.  Sometimes we will place the online order for you.  If you want to do the ordering yourself we’ll suggest that you call the Library and sign out one of Community Care’s tablets that are available for just this purpose.  The best part about this is that the Library staff will also loan you an internet stick and they will help you figure out how to use the tablet.  The Library is a full-service operation and it’s right there for you as a citizen of Prince Edward County. Community Care will deliver that tablet (and the internet stick) right to your door anywhere in Prince Edward County.  Community Care will also arrange to deliver your groceries, medicines, other essentials, and library books. We’ve all had to learn new things in the last 14 months.  This might be something for you to embrace.  See it as a chance to try something new and to do it with lots of support.  Call 613-476-7493 to get started.

Once you get the online ordering done on that tablet then consider participating in one of our webinars.  There’s over 50 different events for you to choose from each month.  Right now we’re planning some special events for June which is Seniors’ Month in Ontario.  Mayor Ferguson will launch the month with a webinar on Thursday, June 3 at 1pm.  If you’re not able to use a computer (or tablet) by that date then you can call in and listen using just your telephone. A big thank you to Community Care’s amazing staff and volunteers who are ready and willing to assist with helping seniors live at home.

Also a shout out to our colleagues over at the Library, too!  These caring people help all the time and their efforts are appreciated…especially during this pandemic.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes