LETTER: Council should make cooperative decision re: LOTM

I am 73 years old and have lived and working in Prince Edward County my entire life.

During that time, I have had the privilege to have been able to represent the citizens of Prince Edward County and North Marysburgh for 17 years in my role as Reeve and Councillor. In my early years at Lake on the Mountain I witnessed and attended a large thriving restaurant at the present site of the “Miller House”. The resort was very much as it is today.

For many years, there was a motel at the resort as well. Patrons of the resort and dining hall parked on the roadside as in those years the site of the present paring lot for the park was occupied by residences.

The parking by law passed April 27th, 2021 completely ignored the staff recommendation of “no parking” on one side of the road at the Provincial Park. The resort owners could have worked with this recommendation and it would have addressed and improved safety concerns.

However, Councillor Bailey without consulting the resort owners initiated an amendment to the proposed by law to include both sides of the road, from the park to the Church. This, somehow passed. this bylaw as passed totally puts in jeopardy the viability of perhaps the County’s longest operating resort. I respectfully ask that County Council revisit this as soon as possible in order to make a cooperative decision with the resort’s owner’s interest’s respected as well as public safety.

Perhaps no signage or enforcement could be considered in the interim.

David Harrison

North Marysburgh