Volunteering at the Thrift Shop

We’re holding an information zoom session for people who might like to volunteer at Community Care’s Thrift Shop at 153 Main Street in Picton.

It’s a great way to meet new people and help seniors live at home. No retail experience is necessary. Find out all about it on Wednesday, July 14th at 1pm when you can attend a free webinar. Community Care staff will give an overview of the Thrift Shop and the kinds of things that volunteers do when at the shop. The Thrift Shop has been closed during the three COVID-19 lockdowns. The safety of our volunteers, customers, donors and the general public is very important to the success of the Thrift Shop. The whole operation is essential to the agency and to the provision of services to help seniors live at home. There’s really no better way to describe volunteering at Community Care’s Thrift Shop than through the words of the volunteers themselves.

Volunteer Kathy enthused “it’s good to be volunteering again at the Community Care Thrift Shop even during these Covid times. With all the precautions in place it feels quite safe and I have never felt at risk. We do a little more cleaning and of course we all wear our masks and use lots of hand sanitizer. The customers are all pretty excited that we finally take debit!”

Janice said that “coming back to work the cash at the Thrift Shop has been an easy and welcome transition from spending so much time at home! I’ve met some new volunteers, the shoppers coming in are respectful of the rules, and the procedure changes have been clear and easily managed!”

Volunteer Ingrid says “I enjoy volunteering at the Community Care Thrift Shop because it allows me to make a meaningful and purposeful contribution to our Picton Community to keep seniors living at home. Our customers cooperate and understand and really do appreciate what we do and love the great bargains we provide … it’s a win-win situation for all.” Studies show without a doubt what we’ve always known…that volunteers live longer, healthier, happier lives.

Feel free to go into Community Care’s Thrift Shop at 153 Main Street and ask the volunteers about their experiences in the shop. They will happily share with you the great time they have giving their time in this way. These volunteers will encourage you to call the office and sign up for the webinar so you can find out more. You can also make an appointment with staff if the webinar date doesn’t work for you.

Call the office at 613-476-7493 to sign up. Start the conversation about volunteering today!

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes