LETTER: Premier Ford flunking environmental studies

How Many F’s are in Ford?

When it comes to grading the Doug Ford PC Government’s environmental performance since the 2018 election, the list of F’s is long and continues to grow longer. The 2022 election can’t come soon enough for Ontario voters to give this Ford regime it’s final failing grade. I’d encourage you to read the Nov. 9th, 2021 article entitled “ First, Doug Ford ‘stopped the carbon tax’: how Progressive Conservatives reshaped Ontario’s environmental policy “ by Emma McIntosh and Fatima Syed.

You can find it in the online independent news journal, The Narwhal ( www.thenarwhal.ca ). Here you can learn more about this running list continuing to track the many ways Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives have altered Ontario’s environmental landscape.

I’m in full agreement with The Narwhal and am giving Ford an F in all 10 of these categories:

1. For dismantling Ontario’s cap-and-trade program

2. For weakening clean energy programs and investments

3. For buying Ontario gas plants

4. For axing the environmental commissioner

5. For overhauling Ontario’s blue box program

6. For weakening protections for endangered species in Ontario

7. For firing Ontario’s first chief scientist

8. For overhauling Ontario’s environmental assessments

9. For fast-tracking development, including in Ontario’s Greenbelt

10. For dilly-dallying on cutting heat-trapping pollution

Don Ross