LETTER: STA letter lacking in truth, hard evidence

We should be suspicious of the recent letter to the editor regarding unlicensed Short Term Accommodation units operating in Milford (Stats misleading due to unlicensed STA’s, Dec. 2 The Picton Gazette).

There is no real evidence in the letter that 3/5 STA’s operating in the vicinity of the author are unlicensed STA’s. The author would be much more credible if she had reported the three suspected STA units to the County bylaw office and was proven correct. The properties would need to be listed at $325,000 or less on the current market to be considered affordable housing as defined by the County.

Short term Accommodation providers in Prince Edward County are licensed, highly regulated, taxed, subject to zoning based on density, and collect a 4 per cent Municipal Accommodations Tax and federal GST from guests. If the referenced Short Term Accommodation providers are in fact unlicensed and operating under the table thereby avoiding Municipal and Federal (CRA) regulations, they should be reported and fined.

The Picton Gazette is Canada’s oldest non-daily newspaper, more care should have been given to publishing this letter implying misleading statistics. We are better served by facts and truth, and reliance on real statistics.

Ian Ross