Holidays a perfect time to curl up with new book

If, like many people, you’re staying close to home this holiday season, you might have a little extra time to pick up a good book.

Although you may not be able to visit the friends and family you might like to see, you can visit Dave and Morley in Stuart McLean’s Christmas stories, Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, or travel by book to somewhere warm instead. Pick up Rum Luck by local writer Ryan Aldred and find yourself solving a murder mystery in Costa Rica. No matter what you are interested in reading, the library can help. You can come in to browse at any branch of the library, choose curbside pickup or even get your books mailed to you! Thanks to the post office’s media mail rate, it’s not as expensive as you might think, and is a service we provide at no cost to you. Gisa, of the Ameliasburgh & Consecon branches stresses that library staff are flexible and happy to do what we can to get books in to your hands. “If you have mobility issues or even a toddler in a car seat that you’d rather not unstrap, park at the library and call us, and we will be happy to run the books out to you!” If you are not sure what to borrow, the library’s new online catalogue has many features that are designed to help you discover what you might like to read.

In addition to lists handcrafted by us at the County of Prince Edward Public Library, you can also find lists created by libraries all across Canada and the US! You can also call your local branch and we will put together a bag of selections for you. Last winter many library patrons used this service, and it was great to hear from all the readers who were delighted by the books that were selected for them. Whenever I am working at the circulation desk at the Wellington Branch I hear from readers delighted by the titles Michele has chosen on their behalf – many people have expressed that they have discovered new authors and series this way. Have you seen the news that many libraries in Canada and the US are going fine-free? Public libraries are realizing that it is not worth it to collect late fees, for a number of reasons. This can include the fact that for some people, the fear of a fine is a deterrent to using the library.

Did you know that the County of Prince Edward Public Library is a leader in this area? We have been fine free for over ten years. We always accept cash donations but will never charge you a late fee. Please just keep in mind that other readers may be waiting for the books – and if you have ever been waiting for an exciting new book you know how nice it is when it is returned in a timely fashion. Find the library’s online catalogue as well as our hours of operation at

-Liz Zylstra