LETTER: Trucking blockades are hurting Canadians

The analogy of mandates here in Canada being like what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany is far form the truth. Jews in Nazi Germany were taken from their homes in the middle of the night by armed military guards and shot if they tried to escape.

They had no choice.

Canadians have a choice to be vaccinated and no one is forcing anyone. Mandates imposed by our governments are in place to stop the spread of the virus and to protect people from getting it. They do work! Without all the mandates and vaccines any more people would have died.

People who are going to court to stop mandates from employers having all their employees vaccinated have been unsuccessful.

The applicants say they are being forced against their will. The judges are saying they are not being forced – it is the consequences of their choice not to get vaccinated. Yes we are all fed up of lockdowns but if it helps stop the virus then the majority of people understand it is something we should do to help our families, our neighbours and our community.

The trucking blockades across Canada are hurting more people than helping. Roads blocked and deliveries going unmade have harmed industry and caused workers to be laid off. Trucks making deliveries have been stuck in long lines up for hours or days, and some of the drivers have medical issues. Produce in grocery stores are almost non existent. Many people are out of work. The list goes on.

Ask the residents of Ottawa if the protesters are friendly, peaceful or not harassing anyone. They will tell you a different story. Perhaps it’s time to stop reading all the misinformation out there on social media. A recent MIT Technology Review states many East European troll farms are putting out misinformation on Facebook, Twitter and other social media groups. That is what is destroying Democracy. Read both sides of the arguments to get a better understanding of what is actually going on in the world.

Johanna McCarthy Milford

P.S. Bill Robert’s letter in the Gazette was well said. Thank you Bill.