CANDIDATE PROFILE: Charlton growing Green support in Quinte

Erica Charlton


Let’s start with a brief bio-where are you from, what is your educational background and professional background prior to getting into politics?

Raised in the County, I spent a lot of time in Picton, Cherry Valley, Sandbanks, and Wellington. After PECI and NCC, I moved to Ottawa so that I could go to post-secondary. In Ottawa I led a successful career in wireless communications while working with the Canadian company Glentel as a District Team Leader.  At Carleton I finished a Bachelor of Arts in Law as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After deciding to start a family and move back to the Quinte area, I have started the switch to move into a career with Health Informatics Technology and have so far finished a diploma in Computer Programming through Algonquin.

What made you decide to enter the race to be MPP of Bay of Quinte?

The Bay of Quinte needs diverse representation, specifically representation that will confidently challenge the opposition to come up with honest and real answers for the questions people have. The Green Party of Ontario provides responsible solutions for all of Ontario’s current issues: their platform makes it easy to represent them. I care deeply about the region and its long term success and want to actively give back whenever I can.  It turns out that the skills I have acquired from a decade leading teams in fast-paced, high-demand environments, while juggling my education and volunteer work, have qualified me to do the job well as I thoroughly understand the effectiveness of preparation and research.

Why is your party the right choice for Bay of Quinte?

The Green Party of Ontario will provide effective and immediate resolutions to Ontario’s biggest current issues while respecting both our economy and the environment in the process. With our fully costed budget, the Roadmap to Net Zero, the Greens want the Bay of Quinte to thrive by creating diverse, enriched communities where people can accessibly reach their goals. Lastly, the Ontario Greens understand the needs of our caregivers, hospitals, and long term care facilities and will not let our system continue to sacrifice services for profits.

What would you say are the top three issues facing Bay of Quinte right now?

The top three issues for this area are the lack of affordable or supportive housing in the area, as well as minimal daycare spaces, and our broadening mental health crisis.

If elected, what would be your biggest priority?

My biggest priority is to get permanently affordable housing units as well as supportive housing units in our area, immediately.

Why are you the right candidate for this riding?

I am the right candidate for this riding because my deep appreciation for this region from growing up here continues to motivate me to protect it. My understanding of the need for both business etiquette and empathy gives me a unique perspective on the delicate balance of economics, law and society. I understand the value of hard work and want to use my determination for the benefit of this area.