County goes online with Cloudpermit



An online option for submitting and tracking building permit applications is now available in Prince Edward County. On Tuesday, the municipality announced the Cloudpermit application would be going online. The U.S.-based, international online community is trusted by several major Canadian urban and rural municipalities including the City of Windsor and the Town of Huntsville.

“We are excited to adopt Cloudpermit in order to enhance the service we provide to the public,” says Andy Harrison, Chief Building Official, County of Prince Edward. “The online system allows us to streamline the building permit process. By doing so, we can eliminate a lot of the back and forth communication and reduce the office visits that applicants had to make under the old system.”

Applicants can now fill out their building permit application online, digitally attach and submit building plans and drawings, and pay for the permit online. Cloudpermit allows applicants to track their permit application through the process.

If more information is needed or a document is missing, the applicant will receive an automatic email rather than a County staff member having to follow up and track it down. In addition to saving valuable time, the online system will reduce the hundreds of pounds of paper the Building Department uses each year to print applications and drawings.

In 2021, the Building Department issued 1,078 building permits. The online submission option is now available. Visit the County website for a direct link to Cloudpermit as well as information on how to use the online system, a video tutorial, and additional resources. The Building Department will continue to accept applications in the current paper form until the end of 2022, at which time that option will be phased out. If you have questions or require further information, call the Building Department at 613.476.2148 extension 2040 or email [email protected].