LETTER: Picton’s Main St detours make little sense

On August 13, the County is having one of its scheduled “Hazardous Waste collection” days.

Unfortunately, that does not generally include electronics – the only place for disposing of those is in Belleville (be sure to read their hours of operation before you load up). So “environmentally responsible” citizens are advised to load up and use the gas needed to travel about 80 km (return) in order to be environmentally friendly???

And public officials just tell “the people” to be more environmentally responsible?

Sloppy at best, irresponsible at worst. All this makes about as much sense as the current Main Street mess.

Why on earth is the Main Street blocked – sometimes– at Chapel Street for work being done at the top of the hill? Why force people to add additional driving distance just to get to places like – for instance – the Post Office?

Why not block Main Street much further down, at the last workable 4 way corner before one reaches the top of the hill, rather than the last corner that just happens to have a streetlight?

This makes reaching places like banks and the like at best confusing and always circuitous, and close to impossible for people with mobility issues. And it must be a nightmare for the tourists we keep inviting to the County – assuming they can manage other major construction efforts that regularly slow/block traffic to and from Belleville.

I hope these planning messes, not to mention, for example, excessive reliance on questionable professional historical advice with respect to the Macdonald statue, will become an issue in the upcoming municipal election.

I firmly believe the goal of government – at least as I experienced it for many years at another level – should be to figure out what has to be done – and then find the best way of getting there in terms of the realities facing our society. Of course that requires thought, and careful coordination with others – not haphazard, badly explained (if explained at all) action.

Mary Lazier Corbett