LETTER: Pope’s apology tour a “great disappointment”

Sometimes, something is so big and dark no one is willing to look at it even though it may be poised to overwhelm us.

As a conscientious Canadian reads the Truth and Reconciliation Report, they will discover Canada’s hidden or dark history. As they connects the hundreds of dots representing Residential Schools where native children were taken, held, and terrorized physically, spiritually, and sometimes sexually, generation after generation, a horrifying picture of the “hidden spiritual war” waged by paid Christian missionaries against generations of unprotected native children, suddenly emerges. Although the truth about Canada’s hidden war against native children was exposed in the TRR, it’s still largely suppressed by corporate and local media. This secret war against small children was designed by County Supremacist John A. Macdonald, who was so devoted to British power he chose to remain a British subject, rather than become a Canadian.

Largely because of tax dollars spent on the Papal visit, Pope Francis’s evasive and shadowy performance came as a great disappointment, if only to non-Christians who are now the majority in Canada. Those of us who recognize the spiritual warcraft used against native children to take their lands, expected his arrest as a war criminal. As one of today’s highest priests of Christendom, Pope Francis, broke the hearts of ethical Canadians when he joined our sheepish government leaders to suppress the monstrous truth about Canada’s spiritual wars disguised as official assimilation. Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper got away with deceiving us with his evasive apology in 2008, but Christian clergy like Pope Francis, who preach the power of confession, are held to a much higher standard called: “making a good confession”,  in accordance with core Christian traditions.

Unfortunately, the Catholic pontiff still refused to recognize the crimes of his Church in Canada, and blamed a few bad Christians as scapegoats. The Catholic Pope was not invited to Canada to promote the Papal brand or pontificate with more sermons but as a historic penitent. Pope Francis was called here to confess the sins of the colonial Catholic Church in Canada, and to ask for forgiveness from the Church’s child victims, and not from some absent and questionable authority. The days of special protection for criminal clergy are gone. Human laws protecting children were violated, and there are no special privileges or spiritual dispensations at any level, for the depravity of national child abuse, even when ordered by a covetous government.

The question in many Canadian minds was atonement, but little was offered to show genuine remorse. As the leader of today’s Catholic Church, Pope Francis should be held judiciously accountable for the Vatican’s war crimes against native children, under the highest authority in this material world, human justice.

Canada’s spiritual wars against indigenous children forced them to defend themselves against daily attacks from Christian missionaries, until they became “child warriors”. Instead of being treated as valued citizens with the same human rights as white children, they were devalued as “savages”, and treated as prisoners of war. An estimated 6,000 native children’s lives were taken, dismissed, and denied by an intolerant Supremacist State and its State Religion. There is overwhelming evidence that the Christian Residential School battlegrounds, where native children were terrorized daily extend right across the British Empire.

The TRR exposed a slice of the awful truth; that Canada was just one small part of a Christian spiritual war waged globally against native children, to subjugate them, in order to take their lands and their souls.

Steve Staniek