Learning Centre to host Craftivism Party with local quilt maker Bill Stearman

Bill Stearman (Facebook photo)

Prince Edward Learning Centre will host a “craftivism” kick-off party on Tuesday, January 31 from 5:30 – 7:30pm.

Quilt maker Bill Stearman will give a short presentation on finding purpose through craft-based activism.

I make quilts and tell stories,” says Stearman, who recently held a show at 2gallery in Picton entitled “I Will Be Silent No More.”

For years, the artist notes, he struggled with storytelling as a way to make sense of his life. Through quilt making, he discovered his voice. The works focus on a range of social justice issues and the experiences of people who feel marginalized.

For another recent project, “It’s Not About Their Bits,” Stearman created a series of gender-neutral baby quilts. Designed to foster love and possibility, the quilts break free from stereotypes and expectations of gender conformity.

Members of the public are invited to hear about Stearman’s work, mingle and share their own experiences.

There will be an opportunity at this event to register for upcoming craftivism sessions taking place at Prince Edward Learning Centre, in Rexall Plaza. No quilting experience is required. The goal is to create a space for community members to get together, talk informally about social justice issues and make crafts with personal meaning.

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