Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw set for first review since 2006

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For the first time since 2006, the County is conducting a review of its Comprehensive Zoning Bylaw. The review will be conducted over three phases: Phase 1, Review and Analysis (Winter 2023), Phase 2, Summary Report and Draft Zoning Bylaw (Phase 2), Phase 3, Refinement and Finalization (Fall 2023).

Throughout this process, there will be opportunity for public engagement. Members of the public and stakeholders will have an opportunity to attend the first scheduled public open house in March 2023. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

A zoning bylaw is a legal document approved by council that regulates the use of land within a community. The bylaw implements the land use objectives and policies of the County’s Official Plan and helps manage potential conflicts between land use. It also provides detailed standards for how a property can be used and may be developed within the community.

The zoning bylaw review is an opportunity for the first thorough examination of the document since amalgamation. It gives the municipality the chance to develop a more cohesive and modern document that reflects the community now and where it is heading over the next several years.

With the updated Official Plan having officially been approved by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing in July 2021, the municipality is required to undertake a review of its zoning bylaw to conform to, and implement, the new Official Plan. The updated Official Plann for the County was approved by council in February 2021.

WSP has been retained as the planning consultant to support the County’s zoning bylaw review. Through this review, the municipality will seek to address any existing technical errors in the current zoning bylaw, improve clarity and enforceability, respond to changes in upper-level legislation, and align the zoning bylaws with the Official Plan.

The public is encouraged to visit the Have Your Say Website to learn more about the review process and receive project updates. The website can be found here: Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review | Have Your Say (

If you have questions or require further information, please contact Michael Michaud, Manager of Planning, at 613-476-2148 extension 2025 or email¬†[email protected]