LETTER:More budget and cost clarity needed from Shire Hall

Letters, editorials, conversations of late regarding our 2023 budget pose and questions.

Chief amongst them- How with essentially zero growth have our taxes increased exponentially? Downloading and non-discretionary obligations explain part of the tax growth.

But how much? More clarity on the part of Shire Hall would help to make the medicine go down. Omitting obligations for the period of 2018-22, it would be insightful to compare big ticket items, staff head counts (Union/non-union) head counts within salary ranges, vehicle counts, contracted services and consultant expenses, etc.

A simple chart or visual would be helpful.

Perhaps all is “well and under good management” Yet without more detail, it is challenging to understand such tax growth.

A pair of adages “In the absence of information, people usually make up their own it is usually wrong” Also, “If you cannot measure it, you cannot manage it” Please help us to understand your measurements.

Derek Wolfe