LETTER: Gazette reader appalled by Terminal’s disregard for municipal rules and laws

After seeing photographs of shipping containers being piled into towers at the Picton Terminals site, I wrote members of Council and key officials to urge them to take action.

I am appalled at this company’s disregard for municipal rules and laws that should govern its operations on this unique and vulnerable shoreline in the County.

In my understanding, such containers are not allowed to be stored on that property. I recall Council’s refusal to allow rezoning of the site which could have permitted such misuse of the land. I also understand that an appeal of Council’s decision was dropped by Picton Terminals so that the bylaws stand.

Voters in the County have seen before how Picton Terminals puts the public interest and environmental considerations at the bottom of its priority list. I asked Council to act now to enforce existing bylaws which prohibit such storage on the property and demand the removal of such containers ASAP.

I suggested that maximum penalties be imposed until the company complies with existing by-laws for which it seems to show little respect.

JC Sulzenko South Marysburgh