LETTER: Metaphors and wit dangerous devices in today’s culture

The May 4th story on the unfortunate Bill Roberts controversy (Roberts comments at April 11 Council meeting draw attention of local anti-racism group, Page 5, May 4, 2023 The Picton Gazette) illustrates that allusions, metaphors and wit are dangerous rhetorical devices.

Even a pop cultural reference (which I found obscure) can, it seems, cause trouble in these censorious times. Social critics exercise tremendous power because their allegations are almost automatically given credence. When matters are open to interpretation, as they often are, shouldn’t people inquire before presuming bias and issuing denunciations?

It might save a lot of angst and reputational harm. To forestall such outcomes of my letter, let me state my own purpose is simply to promote clear and civil discourse. If anyone construes otherwise, I hope he/she/they will inquire before condemning me to the rough justice of public censure.

Henri Garand

Big Island