LETTER: Robert’s character pilloried by extreme position

It was troubling to read of the accusations of racism being levelled at Councillor Bill Roberts for an analogy he used about some media personality’s hair (Roberts comments at April 11 Council meeting draw attention of local anti-racism group, Page 5, May 4, 2023 The Picton Gazette).

Furthermore, it’s troubling that our council and mayor responded the way they did, thereby legitimizing the complaint.

To know Bill Roberts, as I have for many years, is to know this representative of the people of Sophiasburgh, Prince Edward County works assiduously to address bigotry and bias at every turn. Taking these extreme positions to pillory a good man’s character only serves to drive the necessary discussions about preventing all forms systemic and individual prejudices underground.

Our efforts to eliminate racism, sexism, ageism and all forms of prejudice must be based in reality and not in hyperbolic claim’s that target a valued public servant.

Brian Hart