LETTER: MPP Smith’s comments on green energy “unbelievable”

Recent remarks concerning the Green Energy Plan of Ontario’s Conservative Government made by Energy Minister Todd Smith are unbelievable considering the record of MPP Smith’s government. Bay of Quinte MPP Smith claims that his government will be meeting Ontario’s growing power needs through renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydroelectric produced energy. This comes from a man who stood by and allowed the White Pines wind turbines to be ripped out of Prince Edward County at public expense. In addition, Smith’s Conservative government has cancelled at least 750 green energy projects since they assumed power.
The Conservative government is also planning to build gas plants as part of their energy program. These plants will release methane which is a greenhouse gas that will trap heat in the atmosphere causing even greater temperature increases. The evidence indicates that the present Conservative government can’t be trusted to actually do anything more than pay lip service to green energy and combatting Climate Change.
This year has seen the hottest temperatures ever recorded on planet Earth. The heat is drying out soil and plants causing arid conditions leading to the worst forest fire situation in Ontario’s history. This summer, people all over North America have been forced to breath the noxious smoke of these forest fires all over North America. Climate change is also responsible for floods and droughts causing homelessness and starvation, more powerful storms and much more.
Since Minister Smith’s government has consistently opposed measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, little credence can be placed upon any remarks made by the Energy Minister in regard to any future plans to get serious about sustainable and clean energy production. County residents should remember that Premier Doug Ford, Smith’s boss, promised not to touch the “Greenbelt” area surrounding Toronto. Now the Premier has announced plans to dig up large portions of this carbon absorbing and recreational area and make it a housing project.
Rod Holloway