Stories from our past for Thursday 20 July 2023

This week in…

1923: “The Glenora Ferry has changed hands and will be run under new management in the future, Mr. Harold Hudgin of Picton being the new proprietor, and his father, Capt. John Hudgin, will be in command. Since taking over the boat a first class marine engine has been installed in same, a small dwelling has been erected next the dock for living quarters and in future a real live ferry service will be given by Mr. Hudgin. And from now on residents of Adolphustown will be able to visit Picton on Saturday nights do their trading, attend the Regent theatre and have a general good time as the ferry will run until 11 p.m. on Saturdays.”

1943: Editor L. B. Calnan is back in uniform: “This time it’s the khaki of the army, not the deep blue of the Royal Navy which he wore during active service in the last war. For ye editor must now find time, in the midst of innumerable duties, to assist with the training of “C” Company, Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment, (R.F.).” The staff of the Gazette vow to fill in when the editor is absent, adding, “we have always felt that the Reserve should have more publicity and all that we ask in return for what we may do is that the Editor give us some newsy stories of what the Reserve is doing.”

1963: –“Glenora ferries were kept busy during the week-end. At one time on Sunday evening there were 80 cars lined up on the Picton side. One of the people waiting in line was Bobby Hull who was enroute to Kingston for the softball game against Ace Motors. Hull did not arrive at the stadium until the sixth inning.”

–“Much interest is being shown in Saturday night’s wrestling at the County Centre at the Fair grounds. A novelty will be a 600-lb. bear which in hundreds of bouts has yet to be floored by his human opponents. Featured in main bout are two well known stars, big Yukon Eric and bad man Hans Schmidt.”

1983: –“According to a spokesman for the ministry of transportation and communication, Highway 33 in Prince Edward County will be redesignated as the Loyalist Parkway in time for the 1984 celebration of the Loyalist migration to Canada 200 years ago. When originally announced, the parkway included only Highway 33 from the Glenora Ferry to Collins Bay Creek. With the extension to PEC, the parkway will be more than doubled in size. The Queen was expected to officially open the parkway in 1984.”

–“Complaints that a male flasher at Sandbanks Provincial Park has been spotted on five separate occasions have been phoned in to the Picton OPP. The flasher makes his appearance with or without a bikini bathing suit.”