LETTER: Roundabout signaling a courtesy

The “How to use a roundabout” article by Debbie MacDonald Moynes was very informative.

I give it four stars out of five.

Why not five? Signaling!

Signaling left to enter and right to exit at a roundabout is perhaps more courtesy than necessity but it is a very good habit to get into because when one has to navigate a two- or three- lane roundabout, appropriate signals are an absolute necessity.

I acquired the habit over seventy years ago in Scotland. My bossy older sister insisted!

For those of you who are planning a vacation in the UK and renting a car, the good news is they have over 10,000 roundabouts. The not-so-comforting news is many of them are multi-lane, but thanks to signaling, collisions are rare.

Now you now know who is at the wheel of the white KIA Soul that is signaling as it negotiates the Warings Corner roundabout!

Thank you
W.G. (Bill) Watt
Milford, ON