PECI Jr. Panthers raise over $1,800 for accessibility aids

Abudi Mustafa and his supporters from PECI and the local community. (Submitted Photo)
Before departing for a well earned summer vacation, elementary students at PECI rolled up their sleeves and raised over $1,800 for specialized accessibility equipment for a fellow classmate.
The Grade 6 Panthers ran a fundraiser to help Abudi Mustafa regain some of the aids he lost in a house fire earlier this spring June 26-28.
Abudi Mustafa attends the Regional program at PECI and lives with a from of hydrocephalus.

When Abudi was just a toddler, war in Syria destroyed his family home and the Mustafas were required to flee.

“They spent five years in Lebanon as refugees before they left everything behind to come to Canada,” PECI teacher Heather Egan said. 

The local community has rallied since the arrival of the Mustafa family in PEC in 2016, helping the family to acquire a custom-built bed, chairs, and a wheelchair-accessible van for Abudi.

On May 28, a fire consumed the home of the Mustafa family yet again, and Abudi’s equipment, including the family’s van, was lost. 

In the final week of the school year, an ice cream fundraiser was held thanks to the organization of the Grade 6 class and the kindness of local business owners.

Ice cream was pre-ordered by students from Kindergarten to Grade 8, and even the Secondary Special Education classrooms got in on the action.

Gavin Bonham-Carter of Cones and Shakes sold the ice-cream at cost, the Picton Legion paid for it, and over $1800 was raised by PECI students for the family.