Stories from our past for Thursday 10 August 2023

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1863: An advertisement for a travelling circus show: “First annual tour of the new monster Equescurriculum! Such as has never before been attempted by private enterprise. At each entertainment the TROUPE OF ACTING BEARS will be introduced in the arena in all their unprecedented performances; The EDUCATED SACRED BULL and the LEAPING BUFFALOES will exhibit their wonderful training; Professor Langworthy’s Corps of Performing Monkeys, Ponies and Dogs will go through their astonishing and indescribably laughable feats. The veritable and inimitable Joe Pentland will officiate as clown to the Equestrian Scenes, The Public Entree of the establishment, headed by the Gorgeous Band Chariot, containing Chas. Boswold’s Opera Band, will take place about 10 o’clock on the day of Exhibition.”

1933: The Great Depression: “Council decided to rent an apartment house in town to care for those families on relief, who are unable to secure housing. One family has been living in a tent on the park grounds, and two more are being evicted on Saturday night. The mayor divulged the fact that it would be possible to lease the large three-storey apartment house on Main Street west, formerly belonging to the Adams’ estate, for twenty dollars per month. There is accommodation for four large families and two smaller families. Council members expressed themselves in accord with the mayor’s suggestion. There will have to be some provision made for housing these families, and members thought the scheme a practical one.”

1963: Wellington village enters its second century with the inauguration Tuesday of a newly installed pure water distribution system which gives the convenient supply to its citizens. This replaces the former use of wells, and its safeguards and health and welfare of the community’s men women and children. In addition to that, the fact that there now will be an abundant supply of water for all purposes, is seen as an attraction for the securing of new industry for the municipality. Also, safe drinking water from the taps will serve the development of Wellington’s appeal for summer tourists.

1973: Perhaps the Gazette’s most legendary columnist, Harry Evans posted about a number of topics: Ragweed, “this bleeder of a weed was responsible in this Evans household for my son, John, not following in his father’s footsteps–the holy profession of farming”; Crickets, “I figure a cricket chirps every time he takes a bite. Twelve thousand bites later, I still hadn’t slept and it was chore time”; Barn swallows, “where the hell they perched before hydro wires is your guess, not mine”; Mousetraps, “I’m all thumbs when you set the ’air trigger!”; Jet travel, “champagne flights are a myth. The bits of food we got were terrible.” To read more of the “Harry Says” column click on “Culture” at