The Lion King Jr. roars to life this weekend at the Marysburgh Mummers Drama Camp performances

The Junior Mummers present The Lion King Jr. this weekend at Mount Tabor Playhouse. (Submitted Photo)



The Lion King Jr is being brought to life by the Marysburgh Mummers Drama Camp, at the Mount Tabor Playhouse in Milford.

Some questions you may ask yourself while at this performance.. Are there any adults in this show? No, this show is run entirely by children. Even the lighting and sound booth is run by kids! The camp has talent between ages 8 to 14.

Have I ever seen this show cast so perfectly? Maybe, but we don’t think so! Playing as our young lions, Millie and Maya are a perfect pair playing Young Simba and Young Nala. Their energy and excitement for the roles shines through: they were meant to be. You will also get to see our older pair as well, Ember and Edie as Simba and Nala. Edie is new to camp but Ember has been with us for many years. Also returning this year is Floral, who recently played Belle in Beauty and the Beast. She plays the wise Rafiki. Rebekah brings the villainous Scar to life on stage, so much so that a young audience Friday morning cheered when she was banished from the Pridelands.

From the African Drummers to the little field mouse, each child has had quite an experience in the three week camp. Director Cathy Peeling said that most of the campers this year have been with the Mummers before but we do have new members to showcase this year. The children have worked hard for three weeks culminating in this classic Disney tale.

We invite you to come out and support our youth and encourage them to keep reaching for the stars. Performances are August 25-27th. For tickets you can find the link on our website or contact Cathy Peeling at 613-827-8822.