LETTER: Reader appreciative of ‘The County Way’

To the Editor,

Wednesday last I took a tumble headfirst into Main Street leaving a large pool of blood and several inches of facial skin. I guess I was too “percited” finding a parking spot.

Many people rushed to my aid: a paramedic from Oshawa, three County lads, a lady working at County Canteen rushing across the street, a fellow calling down from his dump truck saying he was summoning an ambulance, two hospital paramedics, another County lad and his son in a pickup who blocked traffic to protect us.

After being patched together, I shambled to Coach’s where I intended to order lunch and recover before driving home. Immediately, the lady serving behind the counter asked if she could drive me to our hospital.

All my “gossip buddies” asked what had befallen me, expressed their concerns about my well-being, and if they could assist in any way.

Obviously everyone was operating according to our “County Code” of helping people when in need. I do appreciate all for helping. We are County people and this is what we do. I’m thankful that it is “The County Way”.

Thanks all.

Bruised, bloodied and mainly intact,

Mike Bondy