LETTER: Buck stops with council

To the Editor,

Lip-service: an expression of interest in or support for something without taking any significant action.

This Thursday, August 31, there is a very important opportunity for all residents of Prince Edward County to let our Mayor and Councillors demonstrate to all of us that they are willing to really listen to us, the people on the municipal water and sewer system. They are the decision makers; the buck stops with them.

Council needs to see us and hear our significant concerns about the mammoth plans for a huge “build out” to our current water treatment plant that staff have decided Prince Edward County needs now!

Nothing in life has gone back to before COVID. Why would Master Plans and population projections from
2013, 2015 and 2021 be relevant in 2023?

If we want to show our Mayor and Council Members that we want real and specific information that makes sense to us for 2023 and beyond, we need to attend this meeting in large numbers.

The Mayor and Members of Council make the decisions! Currently they have lots of consultants and paid experts telling them what the County needs. They may be right but if they are not correct, municipal water and sewer users will be paying the very high price of somewhere around $100 million.

Council and the Mayor may be voting to mortgage our children and grandchildren’s futures. Council Members and the Mayor have the power to “press pause” on all of this! Pause this and give us all time to have our concerns and views addressed and receive real answers regarding the financial implications. Careful consideration must be given to alternatives in location and size and timelines that make sense with today’s realities.

Please attend this meeting on Thursday, August 31 from 6-8 pm at the Wellington Arena and ensure that our elected members of our council and our mayor know we are watching and waiting to be heard.

Janet Marissen