LETTER: Current provincial conservatives have sullied a once proud brand

To the Editor,

Being a senior, I was around when Bill Davis was the Tory premier of Ontario. He distinguished himself for 14 years & ran a pretty clean and competent government. It wasn’t perfect but what government is?

That was a generation ago when the PC brand was a respectable one, but today, that brand has sunk far into the sewer — and it’s not getting any better, as the latest act of outright sleaze right now with the Greenbelt scandal makes clear.
The voters own some of this mess. Their apathy and laziness allowed a two-bit grifter like the current premier into the corner office. He has been gaming the system since the Toronto Council days and that shadiness has continued at Queen’s Park.
I did occasionally vote PC a generation ago, but not in a million years will I ever cast a ballot for the current party and those that have sullied a once proud brand.
How much longer will Todd Smith tolerate the corruption in the government he is a part of ?
Carl Canmore