LETTER: Developing debacle

To the editor,

Karen Valihora wrote an article for the Gazette, “In Conversation with Base31,” Sept. 8.  Alexandra de Gasperis is the daughter of the now well-known Silvio de Gasperis, the CEO of TACC and one of the major
developers who got lands removed from the Greenbelt in an untendered and hidden process. The Conservatives are trying to manage this debacle.

Alexandra’s sister is  Alana de Gasperis, the Director of Planning for TACC Developments. (See CBC news, “How 2  Developers Got the Greenbelt Land they Wanted,” Sept. 8, 2023
by Liam Casey of the Canadian Press.)

I quote, “[Silvio] De Gasperis was seated at the same table as [Ryan] Amato and came armed with a package that his daughter, the Director of Planning for TACC Developments, put together to make a case for Cherrywood.” Cherrywood was a parcel of Greenbelt land removed from the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve — prime farmland.

Alexandra is the Vice President of DECO Communities, one of partners of PEC Partners, the consortium developing Base31.We now have the De Gasperis’s in Prince Edward County hoping to build “5,000 to 9,000“ homes.

Something is terribly wrong here.

Barbara Dahlman

Prince Edward County