LETTER: Nurses should be able to present to local councils

To the Editor,

Public Health nurses are on strike for fair wages. This means the people of PEC, Hastings and Belleville are negatively impacted for two reasons.

Council has denied their constituents their right to understand why these relatively few public nurses (about 50, I am told) do not merit the same consideration as the nurses in hospitals and clinics, who also fought a long, hard fight for wage fairness.

They are all nurses, correct?

I consider council’s refusal to hear the plight of these nurses a means by which the public is kept ill-informed about the Board of Health’s position.

It is standard for anyone on any board or council to recuse themselves in matters of a conflict of interest. Council members now appear to be less concerned about health care for their constituents than they publicly state because of this unusual denial.

Barbara Dahlman,

Prince Edward County