HOSPICE PRINCE EDWARD: It takes a village

As part of Hospice Prince Edward’s annual appeal campaign, the Picton Gazette is highlighting the experiences of individuals and families who have received care services from the community’s residential hospice. Hospice Prince Edward offers quality of life, dignity in death, and grief and bereavement support at no cost. While the organization receives some funding through Home and Community Care Support Services, it depends on giving from all those who want to ensure that Hospice services are available here for years to come.

I’m Ashley Sutherland, a personal support worker at HPE. I’ve been a PSW for over 16 years. My first experience with HPE was with my father Garry Martin back in December 2014. I worked off and on with HPE over the years through an agency, and had the opportunity to join permanently in 2021.

The Hospice is not like a hospital; it offers a home-like atmosphere with three beds. Family members can come and go at any time, day or night. They can bring in personal items for their loved one to feel more at home.

Our staff have palliative care training and are knowledgeable in end-of-life care. Clients and their families get to know the staff, which helps give them some peace of mind as their loved one journeys to the end of life.

The high level of community support that we receive at Hospice Prince Edward is essential to our operations. I don’t believe we would be able to operate as we do if it weren’t for that.