Habitat for Humanity: New project underway for Bowery Street in Picton

NEW LIFE- The County of Prince Edward has sold a 0.5 acre building lot at 2 Bowery St. to Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward Hastings. The lot would be used as site for a multi unit affordable housing build. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)



Picton’s third Habitat for Humanity affordable housing project is now underway on Bowery Street, overlooking beautiful Delhi Park.

The County sold a generous half acre site at 2 Bowery Street to Habitat for Humanity for $31,363 — the cost of the Phase I and II Environmental Assessments required for building.

Habitat for Humanity Prince Edward-Hastings CEO Hazzem Koudsi. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

Local Habitat CEO Hazzem Koudsi said the housing project will depend on public input. The County will host public meetings to identify the type of project the community would most like to see on the site.

“Will it be 3- or 4-bedroom town homes, or a stacked townhouse with a larger number of 2-bedroom units? Public consultation and some planning will determine what is built. Some demographic analysis will also help narrow what the community need is. That information will help guide what is ultimately built,” Mr. Koudsi told the Gazette.

Previous Habitat for Humanity projects on Barker and York Streets have turned vacant municipal land into modern, well-built homes for local families. Families are chosen on the basis of their ability to spend one third of their income on mortgage payments.

Mr. Koudsi added the family selection process will be based around what type of development is ultimately selected through the planning process.

Bowery Street residents brought environmental concerns to Council this spring. Delhi Park was the original site of the Picton town dump in the 1950’s and 60’s. Results from the Environmental Assessments undertaken in the summer, however, indicated no concerns.

BELLEVILLE BUILD- A multi-unit Habitat for Humanity build in Belleville that’s soon to be occupied. (Submitted Photo)

“Nothing unusual was identified in the (EA). Additionally, 2 Bowery is uphill from the former landfill, which is now parkland. We have no intention of building on or at the edge of the landfill. As a result, we should avoid any concerns regarding the disturbance of potential contaminants given it’s well below grade from where we will be building,” said Mr. Koudsi.

Residents also worried that the scale of the project could overburden the small side street, already suffering limited sidewalk and parking space, particularly in winter.

Mayor Steve Ferguson noted such concerns will be addressed in the coming months through the planning process.

Habitat is currently finishing a side-by-side duplex on Sidney St in Belleville. Residents are expected to move in next month. That particular duplex is similar in size to a multi-unit duplex built through program on Hannah St. in Trenton recently.

For more information, to donate, or to apply to be a Habitat for Humanity family, please visit habitatpeh.org