LETTER: In with the elders

In “Rainmaker,” Picton Gazette, October 25, Adam Hambly is cited saying he wants to “smash the perception that this is a retirement community. There are a lot of younger people here now in their 20’s and 30’s, with young families. Candidates looking to establish a practise are younger, and I want to show them there’s lots of fun stuff going on.”

Why don’t we leave out smashing the idea that PEC is a retirement community. You don’t have to get rid of the older ones to make way for fun for the younger ones. Age is not in the way.

Ageism, however, is. Perhaps we should allow our new doctors to discover the wealth that retirees bring with them to this community, in terms of innovations in the arts, in soil culture and winter vegetable growth, and in generosity of spirit, not to mention time and money, to volunteer organizations. There are artists and musicians of renown living here, novelists and poets, all of whom are well seasoned in age and verve.

Barbara Dahlman
Prince Edward County