LETTER: More must be done for healthcare in Ontario

To the Editor:

It is no secret that our health-care system is in disarray, due to the severe shortage of doctors. Kudos to the County team for their recruiting efforts recently having signed up  four new doctors (two permanent, two temporary) for The County.

You are fortunate if you have a doctor, but even in that case we are not getting adequate care.  In an effort to accommodate more clients, some doctors are restricting visits to one issue only, and a fifteen minute appointment.  No double appointments, no two days in a row.  The County has many seniors, who tend to have multiple issues which they need to discuss, without feeling they are being rushed through.  The result of this policy is that although more people are in a doctor’s care, often the patient may feel short changed.  I imagine it adds stress to the doctors as well, although their incomes will increase because they are paid (not exorbitantly) by the appointment.

Canada’s government is letting us down.  More must be done to ensure the attraction of Family Medicine, to locate doctors where they are needed, and to attract doctors from other countries.

Author’s name withheld by request