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May 17, 2024
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July 6, 2023

A community of readers

<p>John&#8217;s Barber Shop of Picton. </p>
John’s Barber Shop of Picton.

A newspaper creates a community. It can provoke thought and discussion about current events, or about general ideas.

Letters to the Editor are a part of that discussion. So is a friendly exchange at the coffee shop or in the street.

At the Gazette we hope to supply some common ground, not only in reporting on the issues facing the County, but also in creating the sense of shared experience of the local culture: something we’ve read, a performance we’ve watched, music we’ve heard, or a restaurant we’ve visited.

To this end, this week you’ll find a poem for your enjoyment, which began with conversations overheard at John’s Barber Shop on Main Street. In future issues we’ll try to include a variety of arts and culture, and human interest stories relevant to all of us.

-Chris Fanning, Publisher

The Barbershop Ballad

The regulars come
For the how do-you-do’s,
To talk of the weather
And share bits of news.

A spring day in Picton,
Brings potholes to light,
The course declared Open,
But would the golfing be slight?

“There’s rain for the weekend,
So let’s hit the green,
Since storm-clouds are coming,
And sun won’t be seen

Till when we can’t tell.
So we must seize the day
And gather ye golf clubs
Right now while we may!”

They head out the door,
Quite swift on their feet,
Racing past people
Up and down our Main Street.

My old uncle Mike
Who had almost no hair
Came to town for a cut
And received the best care.

His pastime was talking
(Since he was a lad),
And the ladies indulged him:
“Best cut I ever had!”

He was helped out the door
To the car, nice and neat,
And he told me the story
As we drove up Main Street.

Now Gladys is waiting
For a chat and a trim,
And barber Michelle says,
“The Gazette printed Jim

For his birthday today
On the classifieds page!
Is he eighty-five?
He looks great for his age!”

“Oh that was a shot
From a long ago trip,
But he’s still pretty youthful
(Apart from his hip).”

Then who should arrive,
Like a boy for a date,
But the man of the moment,
As seen on page eight.

“Did you, my dear Gladys,
Put my face in the paper?”
He winks and he beams
And he cuts a small caper.

“You’re looking just fine
On the day of your birth!”
“Why, thank you,” says Jim,
With his face full of mirth,

And he walks out the door
To shake hands and to greet
All the well-wishing folks
Up and down our Main Street.

Last but not least
There’s a board for the chair
When the children arrive, And
“What style for your hair?”

A nod or a wink
From a parent will do
To signal the style
Whether Beatle or crew:

For after some talk
About schooling or sport,
There isn’t much difference
Between long or short!

Then, like the rest, out the door
They hurry on with a treat,
And forget their farewell
As they dash up Main Street.

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