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June 14, 2024
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Inside the Library

<p>(Jed Tallo/Gazette Staff)</p>
(Jed Tallo/Gazette Staff)

It’s safe to say that Diane Lavender is a legend in Wellington. A former teacher and dedicated Wellington Dukes supporter and, best of all (if you ask us), a long-time library volunteer. Each month, students from CML Snider walk to the Wellington Branch Library for an always-entertaining story read by “Mrs. Lavender” followed by the opportunity to borrow books. With several classes coming over a two-day period, Diane skillfully keeps the whole operation moving smoothly and ensures each student has a great time at the library.

These visits lay the groundwork for a lifetime of library use. Ensuring that every child has the opportunity to learn how to find just the right book, practice being responsible book borrowers and enjoy a good story well told, and we are truly appreciative of Diane making it all possible. Sometimes we see children bringing in their grownup and touring them around the library – they get to be the expert because of their school class visits and they are always delighted to show off their knowledge.

The Friends of the Wellington Branch Library recently sponsored a visit from author L.E. Carmichael for Canadian Children’s Book Week, inviting two groups of classes to the public library to explore Carmichael’s book all about polar wildlife and the group is planning to sponsor an author visit for younger grades as well.

The Library partners with schools across the County to ensure no one is left out of library service. Recently members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada joined us to offer talks to school classes from PECI all about the eclipse, safe viewing and an age-appropriate overview of the science. Through the County Reads Authors Festival, we were able to invite students from PECI to come listen to author Peggy Collins who discussed her book Harley the Hero and led the students in a drawing exercise.

For schools who are too far away to walk, the library can come to them. We deliver book packages, drop by to read stories and more. I spent a lovely day in Sophiasburgh reading stories, making buttons and bookmarks and talking about the library.

Libraries are about more than just access to books and information. The public library introduces the idea of sharing – the library and all the books on the shelves belong to all of us – and is a community organization that truly welcomes everyone. Once students have visited the library with their class, they know it’s a welcoming place to come in the summer and on school breaks.

Any educators including homeschoolers can reach out to us at to book a time to visit the library or to learn more.

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 19 edition of The Picton Gazette
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