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December 12, 2023
Volume 193 No. 50

U-Ride: A friend in need

As a recent 80-year-old widow living independently in Picton, I do not know how I could have managed getting around this fall without Uride.

I did not pass the drivers’ test required for people my age because of my poor eyesight.
With the help of my optometrist and ophthalmologist (cataract surgery), I qualified to regain my license.
This took over two months, though, and left me in great difficulty getting to appointments, visits and shopping.
Taxi companies seem to be overwhelmed.
I called them first, on two separate occasions, once to be rudely told that no cars were available, and the second time I was told they could not give me a pickup time.
A neighbour suggested Uride and once I put the app on my phone I felt independent once more.
On your phone, you get a pickup time, the name of your driver, an approximate cost and you can follow the driver’s car on a map as he or she drives to you.
The cars were extremely clean and the drivers most polite and considerate.
They would even wait at a short stop if you had to run in for something, and carry groceries and packages to the house.
The tip is left to your own discretion.
I valued the company highly and think council’s decision most ill-advised.
Sonia McMillan
This text is from the Volume 193 No. 50 edition of The Picton Gazette
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