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February 20, 2024
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February 6, 2024
Volume 194 No. 6

Local Hero

Ahmad Mustafa's courage honoured at Council

Ahmad Mustafa, the young Syrian teenager who helped his family escape a catastrophic house fire in Wellington last spring, has been honoured for his courage and selflessness.

Mayor Steve Ferguson presented Ahmad, who was 14 at the time, a County of Prince Edward Civic Recognition Award at the Council meeting of January 30.

On May 28, 2023, Ahmad noticed flames at the rear of his family’s home on Wellington Main Street. Without a second’s hesitation, he helped his younger sister Nasr, and his 17-month-old baby brother, Youseff, out of the smoking house and to safety.

In the citation, Mayor Ferguson said “Prince Edward County Council and residents are very proud of Ahmad for detecting a fire in the family home and acting quickly to save six members of his family by getting them out of the house and harm’s way.”

A bystander watches as fire crews battle a blaze at the rear of a home located at 156 Main St. in Wellington. (Jason Parks/Gazette Staff)

“Your selfless and courageous act prevented injury to your family and a potentially catastrophic event,” Mayor Ferguson stated. “You are commended for your actions and hereby recognized by the Mayor and Council of Prince Edward County as a true local hero.”

Ahmad’s parents, Adnan Mustafa and Suhaila El Husein, escaped war-torn Syria in 2016 and came to Canada as refugees. They started a business shortly after settling in Prince Edward County. They are well known to the community as Papa Ganoush and Mama Hummus, proprietors of a beloved family business that produces authentic Baba Ghanoush, Hummus, Tabule and garlic spread.

Tremendous support from the community helped the family rebuild the business and buy their own home  after the fire.

“Ahmad, we would not be here this evening were it not for your heroic efforts. You serve as an inspiration to all of us, not because of your heroics last May but because of your character,” the Mayor added. “I’m proud you are here and I’m proud you have made Prince Edward County your home and we are all much richer because of it.” 

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 6 edition of The Picton Gazette
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