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March 6 Letters


Over 40 years ago we found there was a need in the County for Accessible Transportation. Prince Edward District Women’s Institute members had a vision and from that vision the PEDWI Art & Craft Sale was created. By networking with several community groups and services and the municipality, Women’s Institute members were able to use their Art & Craft Sale profits to help implement an Accessible Transportation system and realize their dream.

The Art and Craft Sale has been a huge success over the years and Prince Edward District Women’s Institute has been able not only to support their main focus of Accessible Transportation but also provide support to many other very worthy needs in our community. Having accomplished our main goal of contributing to and supporting the successful outcome of Accessible Transportation, the members of the six branches of the Institute, have made the difficult decision that the 2023 PEDWI Art & Craft Sale was our last sale. It is now time to move on and create another vision for our organization.

It takes the support of a community and beyond to accomplish a grand vision such as this and we are truly grateful to all of you, our Vendors, County Council, County staff members, local businesses, other volunteer organizations and our dedicated patrons, who showed up year after year.

 To our Women’s Institute members, you have shown that when you pour your whole heart into something that you truly believe in, great things can be accomplished.

 We ask for your ongoing support as we continue to make contributions to our community, whether it be monetary donations to various causes, letters of support for others, education sessions, student bursaries, student food programs and much more. It has been a wonderful journey and we look forward with great anticipation to our next adventure. 

Kim de Bruin, President,  Prince Edward District Women’s Institute

Antiquated Ideology

Re: Gas Attack (Feb. 28). Kudos to Council for their decision to reject the bid from Enbridge Gas for municipal support. That decision takes courage and foresight and I hope other municipalities will have the same courage and foresight to follow through accordingly. 

Shame on MPP Todd Smith for continuing to support an outdated, antiquated ideology. Having taxpayers foot the bill so a corporation and their shareholders can continue to reap profit is a very colonial way of conducting business. The train is leaving the station Mr. Smith!  You and your boys’ club would be well suited to jump on board to what may be a brave new world. You too need to have the courage to reassess not what is best for you and your buddies but what is best for your constituents and the planet. 

Ruth Orwin, Prince Edward County  


Re: Gas Attack (Feb. 28). It appalls me to learn that the Ontario Government’s 2024 Budget calls for a $250 million subsidy to subsidize the cost of natural gas connection to new housing. Equally appalling is MPP Todd Smith’s expected overruling of the Ontario Energy Board’s decision to end the Enbridge Gas subsidy .

Scientists urge us to turn from fossil fuels to green energy immediately in order to avoid catastrophic climate changes or even collapse. Knowing this (as I assume Mr. Smith does), why not redirect the $250 million to the development of green energy alternatives? Why not honour the OEB’s decision to end the Enbridge Gas subsidy? Surely the time is now for such an initiative. 

Doug Parker, Picton 


Re: Honoured (Feb. 14). Congratulations to the Gazette on making the finals in the Better Newspapers Competition. We are also tickled pink that your coverage of our Festival earned you an honourable mention in one of the five categories in which you were named.

Your new team is making the difference! Many of us, again, look forward to picking up a copy of your paper each week.

Ted Schaner, Prince Edward County Chamber Music Festival


I had a ‘senior moment’ this week and left my ATM cash withdrawal in the dispenser at the CIBC branch on Main Street in Picton. I returned to the branch later that day and was informed that the funds had been turned in by a considerate citizen.

Thank you for your honorable action. Your kindness has made an indelible mark as well as reaffirming the very definition of community.

Eric Bick, Picton

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 10 edition of The Picton Gazette
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