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May 18, 2024
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New Picton Summer Loop

New summer bus route the result of a partnership between the County and Base31
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In what’s being touted as a “win all round,” safe and easy transit between Picton and Base31 is coming on weekends all summer long. 

“We’re delighted to give everyone an additional way to get around town,” said Emily Cowan, Director of Community Services. “By partnering with Base31, we’ve created a dynamic new option for citizens, at zero cost to the municipality.”

“It’s a win all around: safe, easy, and convenient.”

The Picton Summer Loop will follow most of the current County Transit route in Picton. It begins and ends at the Metro parking lot, but adds stops at Base 31 and The Waring House.

The pilot project will generate data on County transit needs. County Transit is committed to reducing traffic congestion with affordable and sustainable solutions as the County grows.  

“We’re excited to partner with County Transit to offer an affordable transit option on weekends and evenings, enhancing the summertime experience for all,” said Tim Jones, CEO, Base31. 

“In addition to helping to reduce drinking and driving, we’re pleased to support the County’s ability to generate insights that inform transit planning and make a case for further government funding.” 

The Picton Summer Loop begins operation on Friday, May 24,
and runs to Sunday, September 8. 
It runs Fridays 5 pm to midnight, Saturdays 11 am to midnight,
and Sundays from 3 pm – 9 pm. 

The service is operated by Quinte Transit, the municipality’s transit service provider, and will become part of the County Transit system. In addition to the Picton Summer Loop, a permanent stop at Base31 will be added to the regular weekday route in early June. 

County Transit local one-way: 

$3.50 per adult 

$2.50 for seniors (55+), students 

and registered specialized service clients 

$1.75 for children 6-11 

Thirty-minute service 

The Picton Summer Loop will complete its circle through Picton every half hour. The  high-frequency schedule ensures that residents, young people, and guests can easily visit friends, attend events, get to and from work, and explore the vibrant summertime attractions of the Picton area. 

Tap Card Coming

Fares are cash only, but a new tap-card payment method is in the final stages of integration across all systems served by Quinte Transit, including Prince Edward County. Monthly and two-week passes are also available, as are pre-paid tickets. 

Sponsored by Base31

Fare revenue covers a small portion of the costs associated with delivering transit services. For County Transit’s regular service, the municipality also uses grants, property tax funds, and revenue from advertising and sponsorship to support the service. For the Picton Summer Loop, Base31 will cover the difference between the cost of offering the new route and the fare revenue collected.

Municipal open house Learn more about the Picton Summer Loop at a  focused on active transportation and transit May 8, 6-8 pm at the Picton Town Hall. 

About County Transit: County Transit currently operates a fixed route daytime service Monday-Friday, with a 14-person bus that loops around Picton, heads up to Belleville via Bloomfield, returns and loops around Picton again, four 4 times a day. Anyone who lives outside of this route can call Quinte Transit for dispatch service, which is integrated with its specialized service for any registered clients with mobility challenges, or who are 55 years or older.  

The municipality is in the process of a transit strategy refresh with the goal of creating a 5-10-year plan for enhancing transit services across the municipality. The public will be engaged throughout this strategy refresh project. The first public engagement opportunity in this process relates to expanding the existing fixed route service to and from Belleville with an additional departure time. The public is currently invited to provide their input on several schedule options. More information is available on Have Your Say.

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 19 edition of The Picton Gazette
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