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June 13, 2024
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Senior Life

You're not too old for that!

I guess that we all get the feeling sometimes that we are getting older. And certainly when someone suggests that we take up a new hobby, or try a new volunteer task, or even suggests that we learn to use a new or different computer program or app, some of us can’t help but say, “I’m too old for that!”

Before you say that, think of Danny O’Keefe. Who’s that you ask? Danny O’Keefe is a graduate of the R.C.M.P. Training School in Regina. He started training at the academy in 1975, but decided to leave and did not finish the training. Twenty-six years later, after a career as a teacher, he decided that he really did want to be a Mountie. He applied and was accepted as a candidate graduating as a Mountie at age 53.

Mr. O’Keefe is the oldest person ever to graduate from the training facility. What an inspiration this person is to so many of us who say, “I can’t do that, I’m too old.”

If you’re up for trying something new just have a look at all that’s on offer at Community Care. Check the website at where you’ll find the Activity Calendar that is updated weekly. In April, the Zoom webinar topics include “Come Fly with Me” with Terry Sprague; “Virtual Bingo” with Community Care Staff; and “Water Safety” with Constable Aaron Miller, Community Safety Officer with the Prince Edward County OPP. If you haven’t yet tried zoom it’s not too late for you, no matter how old you are. The County Libraries have tablets and internet sticks that they’ll loan to you and they’ll even show you how to get logged in and give it a try. Then, in addition to the webinars above you can participate in online zoom fitness and arts classes along with socials are held Monday to Friday.

Check the Library’s Activity Calendar on their website at They also have a fantastic line up of things to get involved in.

If volunteering is something you’re interested in then give us a call and start the conversation with a staff member at Community Care. We’re here for you at 613-476-7493.

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 15 edition of The Picton Gazette
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