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Toronto named / Utilities extended

1834: Toronto named

Our readers will also observe, that what was once the Town of York Upper Canada, is now the “City of Toronto,” and the Torontines will henceforth consider it quite an insult to themselves, if their beloved City, the Queen of the Lakes, is called any more by the names of little York, dirty York, or York at all in whatsoever language, speech, or tongue the same may be disguised. “City of Toronto”—alas!—the name is so long, that in attempting to pronounce it, we invariably yawn when we get as far as, “City of,” and then “Toronto,” that “sweet and musical name” comes out with a kind of a drawl, as Jonathan would say. Mr. Chisholm’s remarks on the alteration are appropriate, and on reading them, many will wish, that while the name of our Capital signifies “the place of meeting of the tribes;” our ensuing Parliament, may furnish another point of resemblance to the Indians, and that those who really are the wisest men, may be selected to “gather round the Council Fires” to legislate for the good of the Province.

1954: A statement regarding public utilities affairs

As erroneous rumors seem to be going around Town about the proposed alterations and extensions to the Sub-station, and the improvements to our street lighting system, it seems to me it is in order and proper that we should make a plain, but simple explanation of this matter, and try to correct some wrong Impressions that some people seem to have.

In the first place, the extensions to the station are imperative as our system is OVERLOADED. When the new Sub-station was built a few years ago, the commission expected it to have capacity enough for many years, but the increase in population and demand for power is such, that me we now find it inadequate. To put it bluntly, we are in a position at present where there is danger of a power breakdown and we do not have to point out to you that the commission would be severely criticized if this should occur.

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 12 edition of The Picton Gazette
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