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Valentine’s Days Past…

1934: Friends honor Capt. N. Palmatier on anniversary

Valentine’s Eve., Tuesday, marked the 56th anniversary of Captain Nelson Palmatier’s wedding day. Observing of the anniversary of his wedding by inviting friends in has been a custom of the Captain’s since his wife’s passing nine years ago this April.

Captain Palmatier recalls very clearly events of that day, now fifty-six years ago. “We were married on St. Valentine’s Eve,” relates the captain, “by the Presbyterian minister, Rev. Mr. McMechan, at his home in town. The next day we drove to Belleville with a horse and cutter, to have dinner at the Covert Hotel (which has since been destroyed). While we were there another wedding party drove up. It was Mr. and Mrs. John Vanalstine, who had just been married. With them in the sleigh were another couple, who had been married some time. I remember what a jolly party we were, and the fun we all had together on that day. I have never forgotten that time, and always try to have some friends with me on the anniversary. My wife was a wonderful woman,” said the captain, paying tribute to the partner of his life for forty-seven years.

1984: ’Arry Sez, by Harry Evans

It’s the 14th of February, St. Valentine’s Day coming up. Always enjoy the displays, but it’s one helluva way to enhance about six ounces of chocolate. Wonder where all these elaborately designed heart-shaped boxes are made. Most of them usually end up as trinket boxes.

The Avon Calling people put out a delicately designed heart-shaped cake of soap, which opens up with a smaller heart-shaped cake of soap contained therein. My missus keeps hers in a drawer. Too beautiful to use. It would be a sacrilege to use as mortal soap to wash your face.

So, lots of you will be getting valentines. The card business sure is expanding. The first valentine I sent the missus cost a quarter. It represented an hour’s work at the period. Nowadays, a $2 card is no hell, but the flame of luv remains.

This text is from the Volume 194 No. 7 edition of The Picton Gazette
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